What makes your durags "luxury"? other unique selling points.

Our products are worn by some of you favorite globally known influencers. They also elevate your style game with unique colored lining features on our silk durag.

How do I choose the right durag for me?

You can pick based on color combinations, design, and material.

Who are these drags worn by

Worn By Young Legends

How do I wear my durag properly?

You can go to our instagram account and watch a tutorial by Michael Rainey Jr. on how to tie your durag properly! Although this is the most efficient durag on the market, it can take some getting used to. Check out this super simple video that walks you through exactly how to wear the best durag you'll ever use. Leave us a comment or question here if you have any more concerns!


Can I wash my durag? What are the care instructions?

You can wash your durag at any point, just make sure the water is on cold.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We do expedited shipping and it takes no longer then 1-2 business days to be shipped depending on order volume.